BF gas full dry dedusting technology

Main technical characteristics:

Fully dry dedusting system investment is only about 70% of wet type system, less investment advantage;
Quick construction speed of the whole system;
Compared to wet type system, land occupancy is less than 50%;
Nitrogen pulse back blowing technology, favorable dust cleaning effect, and no gas leakage;
Temperature increasing and decreasing device could ensure safe operation of dedusting bag;
Basically no fresh water consumption, water economy per ton iron is 0.7~0.8m3;
Less energy source and power consumption; power economy per ton iron is 6kW·h;
Dust content of clean gas is 3mg/Nm3, which is beneficial for environment conversation;
Compared to wet dedusting, clean gas temperature of dry dedusting is 100 ℃ higher; Compared to wet dedusting TRT, power generation capacity of dry dedusting TRT is 1/3 more.

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