Improved top fired hot blast stove technology

Main technical introduction:

Improved top fired hot blast stove designed by SDM has complete independent intellectual property and 6nos. of proprietary technology. SDM have carried out computer simulation theoretical test (CFD technology) for improved top fired hot blast stove so as to utilize theory to instruct structure design. SDM have accomplished over 90nos. hot blast stove unit matched for blast furnace of other steel enterprises, and design scope is a series of improved top fired hot blast stove matched for 300m3 ~4000m3 blast furnace.
SDM have hot blast stove engineering technology branch office which is specialized in hot blast stove project, this branch office have rich hot blast stove engineering experience and EPC experience. Relying on Laigang Group, SDM is capable to provide turn-key all-life service from design, procurement, construction, supervision, stove heating, training and start-up.

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